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1 for relaxing, 2 for tripping

My plants were more relaxe after 1 4mg cap, but feeling was subtile. Retried it on plants with 8mg and the feeling was completely different. Could differently see the dissociative in the compound. Fast shipping and good communication with the vendor. Definitely would recommend

Smiling lab rats tell the tale...

My lab rat signaled telepathically that a little goes a long way and not to mix with other dopaminergic or serotonergic substances and to just experiment in low dosages till your rat gets a range on the effects. Always keep Kratom, Kava, or Valerian on hand to save your rat from serotonin storm if he ignores the warning not to mix and match. That said, my rat is signalling that it is time to reorder...(down will be here soon...)

Thank you for your business, Albert! Have a good one. We look forward for your next purchase.
Not satisfied

I never received my PCP. I waited watching the tracking every day and it stayed in a nearby City for over a month, then the tracking stopped working for me.

Hello Jace, So sorry to hear about that. Please contact your local post office to check your package or please email us whenever you can so we can help you resolve the issue. Thanks for your patience! Margaret C Support
I'm not sure why I like it

Tried it a couple of times and I'm not sure what it does. It definitely does something, it hits you. But in a way where you're unsure what state exactly you're in. Fun feeling.

Other than that, every order always arrives and everything has been chill with this RC shop until now! Good work !

or still set

On ssecond day never felt on hangover

Great actual press guys..

Some anxiety felt.. rite could be the two id try all similarly looks that... Since the ways Smallnessness all will be tried at once next.

3-HO-PCP 4mg Capsules

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3-HO-PCP was very first synthesized in 1978 to examine the structure-activity relationship of phencyclidine (PCP) derivatives. It was more checked out along with PCP in the 1980s, where it was discovered to possess μ-opioid agonist activity in animal models.

Its possible as a research study chemical for human use was not recommended until 1999 when a chemist using the pseudonym John Q. Beagle reported on its significantly increased effectiveness relative to PCP as well as its "profoundly improved affinity for the opiate receptor" which was estimated to offer it analgesic activity one order of magnitude lower than morphine.

The structure of 3-HO-PCP is made up of cyclohexane, a six-member saturated ring, bonded to two additional rings at R1. One of these rings is a piperidine ring, a nitrogenous 6 member ring, bonded at its nitrogen group.

3-HO-PCP is a structural analog of PCP and a homolog 3-MeO-PCP.

Like other arylcyclohexylamine dissociatives, 3-HO-PCP acts primarily as an NMDA receptor villain.

The NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) receptor, a specific subtype of the glutamate receptor, regulates the transmission of electrical signals between nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord; for the signals to pass, the receptor should be open. Dissociative hinders the regular working NMDA receptors by binding to and blocking them. This interruption of neural network activity causes network disintegration, some research recommends, by hyper-connectivity throughout the brain. This causes a boost in sound (random, nonsensical and erroneous data) on the cerebral network and thus produces a loss of typical cognitive and affective processing, psychomotor performance, anesthesia. This is typically observed in those showing psychosis or induced with high-dose IV THC or ketamine in healthy participants.

Unlike lots of other dissociative, 3-HO-PCP has likewise been found to have an appreciable affinity as a μ-opioid receptor agonist in animal designs. [1] The degree to which this applies to people remains unknown.

The structure of 3-HO-PCP is made up of cyclohexane, a six-member saturated ring, bonded to 2 additional rings at R1. The NMDA (N-Methyl-D-Aspartate) receptor, a specific subtype of the glutamate receptor, regulates the transmission of electrical signals between neurons in the brain and spinal cable; for the signals to pass, the receptor should be open. Unlike numerous other dissociative, 3-HO-PCP has actually likewise been discovered to have a considerable affinity as a μ-opioid receptor agonist in animal models.

RC Discount Shop is your best vendor for 3-HO-PCP!

Caution: We already reduced from 6mg to 4mg per capsule, but some lab rats still find the experience too heavy. Our advice is to open one capsule and do your first test with half of its content!

These capsules contain Maltodextrine as filling agent. Do not order if you are a diabetics patient!

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3-Hydroxyphencyclidine, 3-(1-Piperidin-1-ylcyclohexyl)phenol

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  • Are you going to have 10 g of PCP soon, not capsules?

    10g is a lot! Contact if you want to do a bulk order

  • How many capsules is it in one bag?. Cant you take in the powderform instead?

    You can select the amount from the dropdown. Powder will be added soon!

  • Would this help with severe social anxiety and Generalized anxiety? I always feel feel tense outside and internally and I'm looking for something to cam my mind and body. I have been talking benzos to help. but would like to try some of your your products that may help. If this will not help for what I'm looking for, can you point me to a product that may help? Thank you so much as always!

    I don't think this would be suitable. For medical advice please consult a doctor.
    But you might find this blog about microdosing interesting.

  • Would this help in replacement of fentanyl patches? Also, would it show in rats urine?

    No, it's not a replacement for fentanyl. With the right tests almost any substance can be found in urine. 
    Do note that this is mostly a dissociative, with opioid characteristics.

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