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Shippin takes a bit longer than by other suppliers but quality and packaging is defenetly 5 stars worth!

100% Trusted Site mu GoTo

14 days click to door from netherlands to USA east coast, would have been 9 days but customs was so slow kept it for 5 days. 1 of these perfectly shaped perfectly dosed pure cLam. my mice LOVE them and so do all the little mices !

I alsso take 2 alrazolam 2mg daily and 16 mg of bupe daily, no interaction

hope this helped this guys legit, check me out BootL3gK1ng

Look forward to my next order!



Hi Gail! we are so happy to hear that you loved our products! We strive to deliver the best customer experience, and it makes our day to hear we have accomplished that. Thank you again. We appreciate you!
Potent for sure!

Was 6 pellets short but they did the job. Be careful with these things. Also tried to order more but transferwise doesn't seem to be an option to use to pay anymore, which kind of sucks i cant seem to figure out how to use the other payment options. Would love to order more but i need some help with the payment options i guess- its a little confusing. Other than that took almost 20 days to arrive but not a big deal for me. Why cant i use transferwise anymore?! Thanks for reading.

5 stars, two thumbs up, highly recommend

I received these in the mail not too long ago, maybe last week? All in all, I believe it took about a month to get here, I chose economy shipping or whichever the cheapest shipping option was, it came with tracking. It did take a while to get here but that's totally understandable given where it came from. It was delivered to my house through your regular old USPS shipping (impressive imo)
anyways back to the review. that very night i took two blotters and I had a fairly intense trip, the only other substances consumed that night was marijuana, cigarettes, and nitrous oxide. on the whippits I would get CEV (closed eye visuals). the duration of the trip was approximately 12 hours, come up was maybe 30 minutes (I did not keep track) I dropped the blotters after a fairly bad experience involving my parents (I live at home) and I was still able to have a 9/10 trip. At the height of the trip, I took my german shepherd Ghost for a walk in my neighbhorhood (this was at midnight maybe) to a park nearby, and as I was walking through the forestry at night, the landscape seemed to be breathing, it was incredible, it was as if I could see mother nature alive herself. It quickly got to be a little too overwhelming for me so I headed back to my house. after dropping off my dog, I went on to jog two miles (I normally do 1, 1.5 at most) but with the increased stamina due to the acid, I felt as if I could just keep running forever. I did note some increased perspiration as well as increased heart rate but these things are to be expected on acid (atleast in my experience) that was my first experience with 1cp-LSD (200mcg) the second time around I did one blotter and it wasnt as an intense trip but it still definitely kicked my ass a bit. I was able to drive during the entirety of the trip, where as with two blotters I had to wait till I came down. Overall I would highly recommend this substance, to me it is nearly in-differentiable from acid, or LSD-25. 10/10

Thank you so much for the detailed review!
It is very nice!

I was teleported to Earth in a Pattern Crystal and now I cann smell Radioactiveness! 5 Gourmet Stars...!

Whahaha nice one!
Not quite strong enough

These were a little weak for my system. I might try a higher milligram but probably wouldt buy these again.

Endless waiting.. but worth it.

Too much delay for my liking, but communication was easy and pleasant. 10/10 will buy again.

Fast and trust seller

Perfect 3mmc quality with fast delivery. Trust and safe shop !

Nice box of various weights

Very handy to calibrate your scale

Did not arrive after 2+ months

Ordered 4 tablets of this and some 3-HO-PCP in early September. Order was fulfilled September 26th. It is now almost mid December and I have not received anything. Cannot recommend to anyone because of this.

Great products

Cant wait to buy more great service

Nice powder

Great product. 2 toots and feeling amped up... Paid 11/14 Delivered 12/2 to southeast US. Tracked, stealth shipping. Looking forward to more research!

1 for relaxing, 2 for tripping

My plants were more relaxe after 1 4mg cap, but feeling was subtile. Retried it on plants with 8mg and the feeling was completely different. Could differently see the dissociative in the compound. Fast shipping and good communication with the vendor. Definitely would recommend

Good price

Not expensive product, but also not potent. Would recommend for people with low stim tolerance, or take bigger quantity. Overall product is what was expected! Would recommend

meh, maybe you'll like it

Took a few weeks to arrive, nothing outrageous. Was much more satisfied with clonazolam. Similar prices, but c-lam was mush more potent, maybe too potent for some rats.

Adderall Light

⁵I had very sucessful research and I can confirm that tablets are
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Didn’t arrive

I ordered in late September to Canada . It wasn’t sent until November 5th supposedly. It’s it’s almost mid December and I have nothing in the mail.

Highly recommended

Really great product. Perfect for (volumetric) Microdosing. Love it.

Very pleased!

This was my first time using an overseas supplier, and from the start, the process was easy, clear, and worry free. My order waited in canada for a week but arrived to me safely finally. It was well packaged and recently I conducted some initial experiments. The results were very positive and I look forward to ongoing learning and developing a regular business with this company. Well done!


took about 10 days with the most expensive shipping option to NJ. was perfect.

Update on last teview

Wow since I've posted my last review they took care of me and gave me a coupon for 15 euros off and I'm very appreciated all of it thank you very much. All of you great service I'll be ordering again whenever you are accepting orders thank you

Good product, good delivery

Shipping was a little slow, but once it got shipped I received it fast no problem! Product was discreetly packaged and as described. My lab rat didn’t really feel the 4- fma above placebo, but that could just be the rat and it’s personal reaction to the substance. Overall, great research and don’t see any reason not to recommend this company. Thank you!

Good product

Potent and effective has they should be


Everything great. Could not be better. Good quality. Nice contact.

Good product

Good product. Helpful tool when there's lots to learn and memorise . Great for intense sessions.background stim. Very useful and not overwhelming. No body strain no next day horrible feeling. 5+

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