Thanksgiving, a time to give something back!

Two of our most popular products, 2-FMA & 3-FPM, are back in stock!

Instead of pills we now ship it as powder. This means less chance of crushed pills and you get the pure compound, without any additives.

It's been a tough year. Unexpected interested and order amounts caused delays, emails that were never replied, orders that took weeks to ship and a lot of frustration.

We would like to thank everyone who didn't give up on us! There are still some challenges ahead, and mistakes to be made, but the team is dedicated to face those challenges and make each customer a happy customer.

As a gratitude for your business we've created special Thanksgiving promo. Take advantage of this thanksgiving promo:

Order 2 grams of 2-FMA or 3-FPM powder and we'll send you a free digital scale!

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