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5 stars, two thumbs up, highly recommend

I received these in the mail not too long ago, maybe last week? All in all, I believe it took about a month to get here, I chose economy shipping or whichever the cheapest shipping option was, it came with tracking. It did take a while to get here but that's totally understandable given where it came from. It was delivered to my house through your regular old USPS shipping (impressive imo)
anyways back to the review. that very night i took two blotters and I had a fairly intense trip, the only other substances consumed that night was marijuana, cigarettes, and nitrous oxide. on the whippits I would get CEV (closed eye visuals). the duration of the trip was approximately 12 hours, come up was maybe 30 minutes (I did not keep track) I dropped the blotters after a fairly bad experience involving my parents (I live at home) and I was still able to have a 9/10 trip. At the height of the trip, I took my german shepherd Ghost for a walk in my neighbhorhood (this was at midnight maybe) to a park nearby, and as I was walking through the forestry at night, the landscape seemed to be breathing, it was incredible, it was as if I could see mother nature alive herself. It quickly got to be a little too overwhelming for me so I headed back to my house. after dropping off my dog, I went on to jog two miles (I normally do 1, 1.5 at most) but with the increased stamina due to the acid, I felt as if I could just keep running forever. I did note some increased perspiration as well as increased heart rate but these things are to be expected on acid (atleast in my experience) that was my first experience with 1cp-LSD (200mcg) the second time around I did one blotter and it wasnt as an intense trip but it still definitely kicked my ass a bit. I was able to drive during the entirety of the trip, where as with two blotters I had to wait till I came down. Overall I would highly recommend this substance, to me it is nearly in-differentiable from acid, or LSD-25. 10/10

Thank you so much for the detailed review!
5 stars

All I can say is that they arrived and they definitely worked, also customer service was great

Thank you for the kind words, Friedrich! We’re so happy your order and shipping went so smoothly. We’d love to continue providing great service to awesome customers like you. Thanks again! -Margaret Thank you everyone!
Worked great

Worked really well, took almost 3 weeks to get though, overall very happy!!!


I ordered 3 items, the other 2 items came and led to very good research. I however received Flualprazolam instead of 1cP-LSD. I sent several e-mails and waited several weeks and have still not received a response from customer service. This is very disappointing as I had a deadline to meet that now I will not be able to make.

Hello JGB, ​Good day! ​Truly sorry if we were unable to reply to your emails in the past weeks. ​We appreciate the chance to work with you to resolve the situation and remain available if you have any further questions or concerns ​Thank you for your business! We appreciate your time.
Very good RC and all delivery etc and chemical verification perfect - unsure of value long-term.

The reason only 3 stars was given for this is only dependent on product itself. ONCE you finally get ahold of support... the service is amazing and fixed very rapidly.

However, for true research chemists out there now. Caution about this particular chemical (NOT dangerous to health in acute sense) - however, there is only one way this can be explained.

This is synthetic per se whereas there is nothing at all remotely close to the real chemical and not analogues.

Overall good product and service but 3 stars for THIS PARTICULAR chemical.

1cP-LSD 100mcg Blotters

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1cP-LSD  (1-cyclopropyl-lysergic acid diethylamide) or, as it is also known as Curie Acid,  is a molecule of the lysergamide family. It is similar to LSD. It is a pretty new product on the RC market and is still unregulated worldwide.

1cP-LSD  does not break down into LSD when coming into contact with moisture/water, making it quite stable in humid conditions.

This derivative is another LSD prodrug and shares practically indistinguishable pharmacological properties with the parent compound. LSD has recently been demonstrated to promote neuritogenesis in-vivo and in-vitro and has again become a hot topic in psychiatry and neuroscience fields. 1cP-LSD will provide an excellent, legal alternative to researchers wishing to study LSD. Likewise, 1cP-LSD will be perfectly suitable as a substitute for 1P-LSD in jurisdictions where it is banned (e.g Germany as of July 2019).

The testing group formed by the producer agreed that the compound is more potent than it's big brother LSD!  Read about it here.

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1-cyclopropionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, Curie Acid

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  • Do you have blotter paper 1cp lsd instead pf pellets...i wanna microdose with it and pellets would be more challenging to split up instead of paper doses

    This product is sold as blotter paper

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