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good job again always one need to be a little patient. orders takes some but will arrive. finally pills made my cat purrrring all night long. good product!

Cool product but...

Nothing to say about the RC but 5 out of 10 tablets I’ve ordered were smashed in the packaging, they were too compressed in a really small bag. 5 stars for the RC, 1 for the packaging.

We're always trying to find the balance between discreet and protective packaging, too bad to hear this.. the 3-MMC's are a bit fragile. Will not restock, new supply of crystals is due next week, already crushed ;)
Do not order from here. RCD4435

Regarding my order RCD4435 rcdiscount had previously given me 3 successful orders so naturally I didn't have any worries. It despite constant emails and delays, a simple error of a wrong reference on a payment has led to no order received and no refund either. These guys have my money, I've sent proof of payment yet absolute no resolution from an order placed on November 7th. This is an unacceptable amount of time to correct a small error which I made that was putting a previous order reference on the payment. They have really screwed me over as I recommended them to so many people which I now regret. I am happy to change my review should they rectify the problem but this serves as a warning to anyone else for now. I have lost around 127 euros which they are refusing to acknowledge even though they have showed me a screenshot of my payment for the order. Dispicable and disgraceful.


Good product better inhaled then oral. Good boost but not too strong exactly what i was looking for. Delivery super fast and anonym


It's good if snorted but oral has little effects on myself. Produces fiendish activity one dose is simply not enough 3mmc is the weakest compound I've ever taken.

Maybe try the powder? These pills definitely had a heavy effect on our monkey..

3-MMC Hydrochloride 100mg Tablets

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3-Methylmethcathinone (also known as 3-MMC or metaphedrone) is just a novel stimulant-entactogen substance associated with the cathinone class that produces an assortment of classical stimulant and effects which are entactogenic administered. It is a member of the group known as the substituted cathinones, all of which are derivatives of cathinone, the principal component that is active the khat plant (Cathulla edullis) of eastern Africa.

Just like lots of its research chemical cathinone predecessors, 3-MMC is known to come by means of either a powder that is white crystallized shards which users can ingest to produce a effective, fast-acting but short-lived euphoric stimulant-entactogen effects, especially when they are insufflated, vaporized or inserted.

It has gained notoriety because of its associated tendency to cause redosing that is compulsive addictive behaviors in a seemingly significant percentage of its users as well the capacity to easily cause paranoid, anxiety, various delusional states and stimulant psychosis when taken too frequently, in extortionate amounts, or over long expanses of time.

Limited data exists in regards to the pharmacological properties, metabolic process, and poisoning of 3-MMC, and this has history that is small of usage. 3-MMC first became available on the research that is online market, shortly following the banning of mephedrone. This is a prominent exemplory case of a designer that is contemporary specifically chosen to mimic and/or replace the functional and structural options that come with its recently-controlled predecessors.

As a result of lack of research regarding the substance, all conversation regarding the pharmacology of it is purely conjecture based upon its structure and effect that is subjective to other stimulants such as for instance mephedrone, amphetamine and 2-FMA. 3-MMC likely acts as both a dopamine and norepinephrine representative that is releasing. This means it may effectively raise the amounts associated with norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters into the brain by binding to and partially blocking the transporter proteins that normally eliminate those monoamines from the cleft that is synaptic. This allows dopamine and norepinephrine to accumulate within the mind, resulting in stimulating and effects which can be euphoric.

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  • You have 3mmc as pulver ?

    We sure do: 3-MMC Powder

  • Hi there I'm Sean and would like to know how many tablets in 1 bag and do you have the 3mmc in powder or crystal form please

    You select the number of tablets yourself, and we do not offer any other form at this moment.

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